Why You Should Rely on an AAA Approved Auto Repair Company


As a motorist, you trust that AAA has your best interests at heart. Back in 1975, AAA set out to offer a solution to one of the biggest car owner challenges: inadequate car repairs. By founding the AAA Approved Auto Repair program, they offered consumers a method to find only the most qualified facilities to rely on for effective auto repair. Since its start, AAA has issued their approval to over 8,000 shops through a stringent, detailed application process. Here are four reasons why an AAA Approved Auto Repair facility is your best choice when searching for a dependable mechanic:


It’s a Lengthy Approval Process


Over the course of two years, Living the Dream Auto Care was required to prove ASE certification, continued customer satisfaction, upstanding community business reputation and ongoing staff training in order to be considered for this designation. The facility is inspected for cleanliness and the prices are assessed for fairness. The comprehensive investigation is designed to take care of the screening process for the consumer, ensuring a stress-free, satisfactory visit when their vehicle is in need.


AAA Members Enjoy Discounts and Priority Service


If you are an AAA member, you will enjoy a 10 percent discount on all repairs and maintenance, up to $50. You will also receive a free maintenance inspection involving an in-depth assessment of belts, hoses, tires and any written recommendations on necessary services.


When your vehicle is towed to an AAA Approved Auto Repair facility, it’s guaranteed to be looked at within 60 minutes. The shop will also help you find alternate transportation to reach your destination.


Get a Quality Guarantee


All AAA members will receive a 24-month/24,000 miles guarantee (whichever comes first) on all repairs and service. This quality guarantee applies to both parts and labor.


AAA Support in Case of a Dispute


In case there is ever a repair or service rendered and billed that is under dispute, AAA will step in and investigate the claims leveled against the facility, providing an extra level of protection to the consumer. The facility will accept AAA’s recommendations regarding the claim investigation, though the consumer will not be bound to any decision.


We Care About Your Confidence


Having faith in your car mechanic is part of what it means to live the dream. At Living the Dream Auto Care, we’ve worked hard to earn your trust and we’ll continue to do so as we maintain our AAA Approved Auto Repair status throughout the years. When you need vehicle service, you deserve responsive, professional care with a personal touch, and that’s what you can expect here at Living the Dream.


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