Why Should I Wax My Car During the Summer?

Summer is here! While your vehicle may be getting a break during this time of social isolation, its exterior is still hard at work — especially if it was driven during the winter and/or is stored outside. 


How can you help mitigate the exterior damage when you do drive your vehicle this summer? Waxing. And the summer is the perfect time to do so. Let’s explore why. 

Why Wax?

Wax helps maintain and protect your car’s paint job. Not only does waxing help your car look shinier and newer, it also helps protect from rust and other discoloration in your car’s exterior. 


Waxing is often seen as a “finishing touch” or a step for a “special occasion.” However, regular waxing is as important as maintaining your car through regular oil changes. Frequency of waxing can vary, but the summer is the perfect time to wax your car. 

Why the Summer?

Apart from being the season you want to spend the most time in your car, summer is a great time for waxing due to the following reasons: 


  • Weather. Nicer weather means it’s more pleasant to spend time outside. If you’re using a hose to clean your car first, getting sprayed is also more bearable (and maybe fun!) in the summer months. 

  • Temperature. A proper wax needs to completely dry in order to be effective. The summer heat helps your wax job to dry completely. An ideal temperature range is between 60-80 degrees F. 

  • Humidity. In addition to warmer temperatures, drier air also helps wax to dry completely. 


From overall pleasantness to meteorological conditions, the summer is the ideal time to wax your car. 

Summer Considerations

As mentioned, the ideal waxing temperature is between 60-80 degrees F. Unfortunately, if the temperature is above 80 degrees F, the wax may begin to melt and not be as effective. 


One way to avoid high temperatures is to avoid waxing in direct sunlight. A perfect time to wax your car is during twilight: The heat of the day is reduced, but it’s still warm and dry enough for your car to dry overnight. 

Expert Detailing

Now that you realize the benefits of waxing, especially during the summer, you might be excited to maintain your car and help it look like new again. However, you might want your wax to be a professional grade. 


Contact Living the Dream! Simply schedule an appointment online or call (339) 237-5151. We can help your car have an improved lifespan — and look good while doing it.

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