Why Late Spring/Early Summer Is a Great Time to Wax Your Car

Even if you frequently wash your car in the winter, have you noticed how it’s still usually difficult to get an optimal shine? One reason for this is due to the fact that your car is constantly becoming dirty with snow and salt. However, another reason that your car can’t seem to get to that “off the car lot” shine is because waxing in the winter is difficult. 


Why is it difficult to wax in the winter? And why do auto professionals recommend waxing in the spring? Is summer or fall an acceptable time wax? To learn more about when it’s best to wax to get that “new car” shine, read on. 

When to Wax?

Most people wax their cars in the spring — or fall. Auto professionals recommend this practice as well. What is the reasoning?

First, you have more sunlight in the spring. Although you do not want to apply or let your car dry in direct or intense sun, having adequate time to work outdoors in daylight is ideal for this task. 

Secondly, wax is very sensitive to temperature. If it is too cold, it will not soften enough to properly apply to your vehicle. Further, the wax might not dry or adhere properly in cold weather. If the weather is too warm, the wax might become too liquefied so it will not apply evenly as well, either. 

Waxing In Spring/Early Summer

The ideal temperature for applying wax is between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. So that means spring (and fall) are some of the best times to wax. 


When waxing your car, make sure your car is clean and not in direct sunlight. Even if the temperature is agreeable, excess sunlight can affect the wax’s consistency, and thus, the overall success of your wax. 

Waxing In Other Seasons

Of course, you can wax a car in other seasons. If you choose to do so, simply take the proper precautions. 


  • Summer. Simply make sure the temperature is not above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. One way to do this is by waxing in the early evening, around dusk. This way, the light will be less direct, and the temperature will be lower at night. 

  • Fall. Since the fall has similar temperatures to the spring, this is also an excellent time to wax your car. And it is a good way to prepare it for winter. Just ensure your car is protected from falling leaves or debris and that the temperature does not grow too cold. 

  • Winter. Finding a time to wax in the winter can be difficult, as New England winter days between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit are rare. However, if you do find a lucky day, a wax can bring new life to the damage incurred by winter wear. 

No matter when you wax your car, you can always come to us at Living the Dream Auto Care with any questions — or to have a professional wax your car. 

Next Steps

Waxing your car is an important step of maintaining your car’s exterior — as well as looking sharp while you drive. If you have questions about when to wax, how to wax, or which materials to use, we will be happy to help you. 


If you decide you want a professional wax for your vehicle, we are happy to provide this service as well. No matter your waxing needs, contact us at Living the Dream Auto Care. Simply schedule an appointment online or call (339) 237-5151.


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