Replace Your Tires if You Notice These 5 Warning Signs

It’s the dead of winter, and your tires are likely taking a beating from the frigid cold, snow, ice, sleet, rain and irritating pot holes that appear on the road out of nowhere.

Tires are four of the most vital features on your vehicle. Everyone knows the serious consequences of tires that give out.

But how can you tell if yours are holding up properly? The following warning signs are indications that you should replace yours soon.

1. The Tires Are Vibrating

While a small amount of vibration is normal — especially on bumpy roads — have you noticed an increase lately?

If you feel more vibration than usual, check your tires, which are likely the culprit. You could have an alignment issue or a damaged suspension. If your wheels are out of balance, misaligned or unbalanced or your shock absorbers are failing, you’ll notice vibration hitting at around 40 to 50 miles per hour.


2. The Warning Light Comes On

This indicator is straightforward. If you drive a vehicle that was manufactured starting in 2008, it will have a built-in low-tire pressure warning light system. In most vehicles, an indicator that looks like a “U” with an exclamation mark through the middle appears on your dashboard. This indicates that your tire is low.

While dealing with low tires in the winter is extremely common and the situation is often solved by adding air at a gas station, it could still be a sign of a leak or something more serious. A good auto shop technician will be able to address the issue and explain what’s going on.


3. Tire Tread Is Low

Tread provides traction for your tire. If there are problems with tread and your tires wear unevenly or prematurely, this will require a bit of detective work for your mechanic, simply because there are so many potential scenarios for what’s causing the problem.

Don’t worry, though — the culprit can be quickly caught. Common patterns leading to low tread include the following:

·      Misalignment

·      Overall tire wear

·      Center tire wear

·      Shoulder wear

Note: The last two issues are caused specifically by over-inflation or underinflation.


4. Cracks Will Appear on the Sides of Your Tires

Sometimes, small grooves, like cracks, cuts and holes could appear on the side of your tire. If you look closely, you can’t miss them. They’re a sign that your tire is either leaking or about to leak.


5. The Tire’s Surface Bulges and Blisters

When the tire begins to weaken near the outer surface, strange shapes like bulges and blisters can start to form. These can be very dangerous, because they are weak spots that can make the tire blow out.

If you notice any of these warning signs, act quickly, because faulty tires can be extremely dangerous. Contact theteam at Living the Dream Auto Care to replace or fix your tires today!


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