Is it Better to Rent or Drive My Own Car on Vacation?

It’s still that time of year to hit the open road — whether for a late-summer beach trip or autumn adventure. But is it best to hit the road in your own car or to rent a vehicle?

There are a couple different considerations beyond cost (and the cost might not be what you think!). Read on to learn how you can decide. And no matter your decision, Living the Dream can help you make your road trip your best one yet. 

Cost Considerations

One way to decide whether or not to rent is by considering the cost factors of both options, such as the following. 


  • Rental cost. How much is the rental going to cost? Of course, using your car might be “free,” but factors, such as those below might make renting the more cost-effective option overall. 

  • Gas mileage. Do you have a car with low gas mileage? If so, renting a car can save you money in the long run. However, if you’re deciding to rent a car that has worse gas mileage than your current vehicle, factor that information into the equation. 

  • Depreciation. The more miles you add to your car, the more it depreciates. Not just from a straight mileage standpoint, but because you might hit certain mileage milestones that will make your car ineligible for warranties or go over the miles in your lease agreement. 

  • Maintenance. More driving means more wear and tear on your vehicle. From wear and tear on your tires to an oil change, the trip will incur at least some minor maintenance costs — even if your car is in excellent, roadworthy condition. 


Is the decision becoming clearer? Next, consider some “intangible” factors when it comes to road-tripping with your vehicle versus a rented one. 

Vacation Considerations

Remember, you are taking a vacation. Factor in the following when determining if renting a car or driving your own is the best move. 


  • Space. Do you have enough space in your current vehicle? Having some extra leg and luggage room can make a big difference in the comfort and convenience of your journey.  

  • Amenities. Does your car lack an AUX cable or air conditioning? Renting a car with these can help make that long trip much more luxurious. 

  • Safety. Do you feel safe taking a long trip in your car? This is perhaps the most important factor to consider. Peace of mind, having a good time, and safety are the top priorities on a vacation! If you feel safer renting a car, then it becomes the more obvious selection. 


After considering all of these options, now it’s time to make a decision!

Next Steps

Know what you want to do? If you want to rent, go for it! Think it’s best to use your own car? Great! Living the Dream can help tune-up your car before you leave and do necessary maintenance once you return

Simply schedule an appointment online or call (339) 237-5151. No matter your decision, we’ll help make sure you’re ready to have a great road trip!

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