How to Keep Your Windshield from Freezing Over While Driving

If you live in New England, you probably spend much of the long winter months wondering how to keep your car’s windshield from freezing over while you drive. Admittedly, this can be a challenging task, especially when snow fills the air or wind chills drop below 0° F. But even so, there’s a sure-fire set of steps that can help you keep your windshield clear, regardless of what wintery weather settles in over the roads ahead of you.

Of course, regular maintenance can also go a long way towards keeping your windshield in the best condition possible. Your friends at Living the Dream Auto Care can help you keep up with this kind of maintenance, regardless of the season. 

If you find that these following steps aren’t effective enough to keep your windshield reliably clear, contact us and we can help you work out a more long-term solution.


Step 1 – Pull Over & Turn on the Defroster 

Though it may sound obvious, you should immediately pull over in a safe location if you find that your windshield is becoming obscured by ice or snow. Driving with limited visibility is extremely dangerous, after all.

Once you’ve brought your vehicle to a full stop, turn on your car’s windshield defrosters as high as they’ll go. These are designed to warm the windshield’s surface, thus making it harder for ice crystals to form on its exterior. As an added bonus, these heaters can also cause ice that’s already on the windshield to melt enough to be cleared, either by hand or with the windshield wipers. 


Step 2 – Scrape Ice as Necessary

Once your windshield defrosters are fully engaged, you should bundle up and step out of your vehicle with your ice scraper in tow (you should keep one of these in your car at all times). 

As best as possible, try to clear all of the ice and snow from your windshield’s exterior. This may take some time, so pace yourself and try not rush through this important step.


Step 3 – Apply a Rubbing Alcohol Solution

Though the previous steps tend to do the trick in most situations, there is one more preventative step that some winter weather drivers swear by. 

Many motorists recommend wiping rubbing alcohol on your windshield wipers and windshield after it has been fully cleared. Because of its chemical composition, this fluid is less likely to freeze, thus ensuring that you always have a clear view during your commute.


Step 4 – Contact Your Local Mechanic

Keeping a clear windshield is just a single step toward staying safe on the winter roads in our region. You’ll need to plan ahead even further if you want to keep your car in tip-top shape when the temperatures drop, so be sure to contact the folks at Living the Dream Auto Care as soon as possible. We can help you evaluate what your car will need adjusted or repaired to ensure that you and your passengers are ready for the wintery roads ahead.

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