From Hot to Cold: Preparing for Weather Change with a Remote Starter

There are certain times of the year when we all dread getting into a car. In the summer, the heat can lead to burning leather seats and scorching seatbelt metal. However, the summer conditions often do not compare to the winter unpleasantries. 


A thick layer of ice on the windshield can lead to scraping in the cold for long periods of time, possibly causing you to be late to your destination. Once in the car, you need to wait through frigid air blowing on you while your car defrosts and/or heats up. Even if you warm up your car ahead of time, you still need to brave the cold, and monitor your unlocked car as it warms up. 


How can you help navigate extreme hot and cold weather in your car? With a remote starter. Want to learn more and see if a remote starter is a good fit for you? Read on. 

Advantages of Remote Starters

Although avoiding extreme temperatures is a great reason to get a remote starter, there are other advantages to installing one: 


  • Ideal temperatures. Most obviously, remote starters help get your car to a comfortable temperature. This way, you can get in and start on your way to your destination with efficiency and comfort. 

  • More security. Doors can remain locked while warming or cooling your car, so you have peace of mind while preparing your vehicle. Further, many remote starters include advanced car alarm features for enhanced security. 

  • Clearer windshields. With a remote starter, you won’t have to worry about the mornings when you are running late and can only scrape a small hole in your windshield to see through. Improve your safety and time management by preparing your car ahead of time!

  • Easier errands. Having a temperature-prepared car is nice when running errands, especially if you are traveling with children. Further, remote starters often have a remote unlock button, so that feature can simplify your tasks. 

While remote starters offer many advantages, it’s important to note a couple considerations to ensure you get the most out of your device. 

Aspects to Consider

Remote starters can make life easier and more comfortable, as long as they are used properly and with moderation. Here are a few aspects to consider while using a remote starter to protect your car, environment and wallet. 


  • Fuel consumption. Your car may burn more fuel if left to warm up for a long period of time. Along with fuel, you may be increasing CO2 emissions. To avoid these problems, simply be conscientious about how far ahead of time you decide to start your car.

  • Engine wear. Idling cars do not burn fuel completely, so your engine may exhibit some signs of wear if you use your remote starter excessively or leave your car running for a long time. 

  • Manual transmission. Unfortunately, most remote starters only work with automatic transmissions. If you opted for a manual transmission in your car, starting it may also be a manual endeavour. 

As long as you are aware of these guidelines and use your remote starter properly, you will be glad the device is in your life. Are you ready to get one? Read on to learn how. 

How to Get a Remote Starter

With the cold winters in New England, a remote starter is almost an essential device. If you want to install one, contact us at Living the Dream. 


We can help you find the remote starter model that works best for you and your car. Face extreme hot or cold weather with confidence, comfort and style. Simply schedule an appointment online or call (339) 237-5151. 

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