Does Your Electric Car Need Special Care in the Winter?

Electric cars are growing in popularity as an energy-efficient transportation option. And their popularity is growing around the country, including in New England with its harsh winters. 


Does winter weather impact electric cars any differently than their gas-run counterparts? The short answer is “Yes.” However, with some simple strategies, you can easily navigate cold winters and stay eco-friendly.


The Effect of Winter on an Electric Car


Cold winter weather decreases car battery efficiency, whether it runs on gas or electricity. However, since electric cars depend solely on their battery, this effect of the weather is especially influential. 


In cold weather, the battery charges more slowly and holds less charge. Further, using heat drains the battery very quickly. As a result, staying warm and traveling can be limited to short ranges. How can you navigate these limitations and ensure you do not get stranded in your electric vehicle? Read on to find out.

Considerations To Take

Taking the decreased efficiency of the battery in mind, utilize the following strategies to help ensure you are using your battery to its maximum capacity and you don’t get stranded. 


  • Protect your car from the elements. Keep your car in a garage as much as possible. Not only does this protect the car itself from many damaging effects of the winter, it can keep your car warmer. A warmer car means a warmer battery, which will charge more quickly and fully. 

  • Charge frequently. Keep your car charged as much as possible. It’s important to stay “topped up” on energy because it will be depleted faster than in warmer weather. 

  • Identify charging station locations. If you will be doing a significant amount of driving, it can be helpful to locate the charging locations on your route. Further, it can also be advantageous to identify local charging stations in your area so you always know where to charge up in case you’re running low. 

  • Preheat the car before leaving. Heating the cabin of your car requires a significant amount of energy from your battery. In order to conserve battery life, try to heat your car while it is plugged in and charging so it does not use as much energy while you are driving.

  • Utilize seat warmers/steering wheels. If your car has seat warmers, a heated steering wheel, or other heated surfaces, try to utilize these as much as possible. These features require less energy than heating the entire cabin, and they can conserve battery life while keeping you warm. 


As you can see, taking care of your car battery is relatively simple and of main importance. If you can use these strategies, you should be able to navigate the winter weather with ease. 

What You Can Do To Prepare

Taking care of the environment and supporting the use of non-fossil fuel vehicles is important. Although winter weather can affect the performance of your vehicle, investing in an electric car can be a great decision. With a couple simple steps and strategies you can enjoy your innovative transportation option in any climate. 


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