Do I Need Snow Tires?

As wintry weather blows across New England once again, you may be returning to an automotive question that you ask yourself every year: “Do I need snow tires?” 

While you might be able to make it through winter without a set on your car, the truth is that cars with snow tires are far less likely to swerve and skid across the roadways when ice and snow are present.


So, in many ways, you do need snow tires on your vehicle if you want to be as safe as possible during this blustery season! But if you still have questions about the value of snow tires, read on below because we have answers for you. Then, when you’re ready to buy your own set of snow tires, you can stop in to Living the Dream Auto Care and we’ll set you up with an affordable option.



What Makes Snow Tires Different?


At a basic level, snow tires (also known as “winter tires”) are made from a special type of rubber that is more able to resist degradation caused by cold temperatures. Also, these specialized tires are usually manufactured with unique tread patterns that are more able to increase traction when traveling over icy or snowy surfaces.


Winter tires are also prized for their ability provide enhanced stopping power on wintry roadways. As such, you can always count on your vehicle equipped with snow tires to brake as rapidly as usual, even if you are required to drive while fresh snow is falling.



How Do Snow Tires Compare to Tire Chains or Studded Tires?


Tire chains are a temporary option that are only adequate over short distances. This is because tire chains are prone to breakage while in use, which can lead to a dangerous situation for other motorists.


Meanwhile, studded tires are a heavy-duty option for automotive transport during inclement, snowy weather. However, because these tires can damage the pavement, they are not allowed in many jurisdictions. As such, snow tires remain the safest, most legal option available to you.



Can I Keep Snow Tires on All Year?


While you may have heard snow tires referred to as “all-season tires,” the truth is that they are only really appropriate for winter-time use. This is because they tend to heat up more in warm, dry road conditions, which in turn causes them to degrade much faster without providing any extra performance. After taking into account their cost, your best bet is to rotate your snow tires in only when wintry slush and snow returns to your area.



Where Can I Get Snow Tires?


If you’re looking for an affordable set of snow tires, then Living the Dream Auto Care has precisely what you need. Call us today at (339) 237-5151 or stop in at our shop in Canton so that we can discuss options for getting your car or truck ready for winter.


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