5 Noticeable Signs You Have Worn Out Shocks

Your vehicle’s shocks do more than ensure a smooth ride - they determine how well you control your car.


Worn out shocks could mean an uncomfortable ride. It could also mean a dangerous scenario if you lose control of the car! Look for these five signs you may need new shocks and schedule a service appointment right away:


Sign #1: Uneven Tire Wear


When shocks start to wear out, your tires aren’t able to keep a firm grip on the road. And when that happens, you might start to see uneven tread wear.


If you let this continue, you could run the risk of hydroplaning or wind up with a flat tire. Replacing your shocks as soon as you notice uneven tread wear can help lengthen the life of your tires and ensure safety.

Sign #2: Noticeable Veering


If you’re driving down the road and notice your vehicle stubbornly veers to either side, you might assume your alignment is off. While this might be the case, worn shocks are another possible cause. Stop correcting your car and start correcting the problem!

Sign #3: Your Steering Wheel Vibrates


Another sign that your shocks may be failing has to do with how your steering wheel behaves. If you notice that your steering wheel vibrates on uneven surfaces and smooth ones, it’s a classic sign of a shock issue. Don’t let it get worse - it could threaten your control of the vehicle.


Sign #4: Noisy Driving


It’s always advisable to learn the sounds your car should and shouldn’t be making, and your shocks are no exception. If hitting a few bumps sounds a little too loud, worn shocks could be the source, and this will put undue pressure on internal engine parts. Get them fixed before they cause further problems.


Sign #5: Braking Takes Longer


You may not expect your shocks to affect your brakes, but studies have shown that worn shocks can increase your braking distance by 20%. That may not sound like much, but when it could mean the difference between a safe stop and a collision.  


Another classic sign of worn shocks that manifests while braking is a dip or swerve when you hit the brakes. This may seem mild at first, but on a slick road or when you need to make a fast stop, it’s dangerous.




If you notice any of the signs listed above, bring your car to come see us for a closer inspection. We’ll help you stay safe by getting rid of worn shocks and aiding a smooth ride for years to come.


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