5 Common Signs of Transmission Problems and What to Do

Your car’s transmission has run so well for so long, it can be a shock to hear you might have transmission problems. However, the earlier you spot the signs and get it looked at by a mechanic, the better off your car and your wallet will be.

To help you stay aware of your transmission and know when it’s time to get it checked, we’re sharing five of the most common signs of transmission problems. If you spot any of these clues, it’s time to set up a service appointment.

1. Leaking Fluid


A leaking transmission can cause a breakdown in short order. Leaking fluid could be a result of pan gasket damage, axle seal leaks, fluid lines and more. Any component of the system that has gaps or has been damaged could be the source of the leak. While leaking transmission fluid doesn’t mean you can’t drive the car, it’s not recommended to do so. You could cause permanent damage, worsening the original problem. Get leaking transmission fluid checked right away.


2. Burning Smell

Anytime you smell burning when it comes to your car you should pay attention.

First, check the fluid. Automatic transmission fluid is typically bright red and smells slightly sweet if everything is running smoothly. If it’s dark or has a burnt smell, you’ll likely need the fluid changed, and you should also have your transmission inspected for potential problems. The burnt fluid typically means the transmission has overheated, and this requires the attention of a professional mechanic.


3. Shaking or Grinding


When you start to feel some jerking, shaking, or grinding while driving down the road, it’s likely that you’re experiencing issues with your transmission gears. Automatic transmissions will typically feel like they’re trying to “wiggle” into gear instead of moving fluidly, while manual transmissions will start to grind when you engage the clutch and shift gears.


If you let the problem persist, the shaking and grinding will likely only get more violent. We recommend letting your mechanic inspect and repair your car as soon as you start experiencing these issues to minimize damage.


4. Gears Slipping

If your car starts spontaneously deciding it would rather be in neutral while driving down the road, it likely means that the link holding your gears in place has broken down inside your transmission. If you experience this, do not delay getting your car inspected. It’s a serious hazard!

5. Check Engine Light Is On

Your car’s sensors are there for a reason, and you shouldn’t ignore them. When your check engine lights flashes, it can point to many things – one of which is your transmission. While it might not seem like anything is wrong, those sensors can start detecting issues well before you can feel them.

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