4 Common Car A/C Problems and Solutions



When temperatures start to rise outdoors, the cabin of your car is the first to feel the heat. But what do you do when the cooling system isn’t working?


Not having a way to beat the heat is frustrating. No one wants to be stuck in a traffic jam without any A/C. Unfortunately, vehicle cooling systems can also be fickle. There might not be an easy answer.


Instead of sweating it out, be on the lookout for these common issues. If you can find the solution yourself, no sweat (literally). But if you need troubleshooting and repairs, you always have the Living the Dream team to help you out.


Problem #1: The Air Feels Wet

While humidity might play a role in how humid the inside of your car feels at first, it should eventually go down to normal levels after the system has been running for a period of time.


If the air continues to feel damp and heavy, the most likely cause is debris or moisture stuck inside the system. Flushing the cooling system is usually an effective way to solve the problem.


Problem #2: It Isn’t Cooling Like Normal

This one’s a pretty obvious problem, but it’s not necessarily easy to find the cause. When the air in your car isn’t as cool as it should be, or the system isn’t cooling at all, there is a range of potential reasons.


It may be that you have low refrigerant levels. Leaks sometimes happen, so it pays to check.

It’s also possible that the following problems are the cause:


-The A/C fuse blew.

-The compressor belt, clutch, pressure switch, or valves are damaged or malfunctioning.

-Your condenser is damaged or broken.

-The expansion valve to the evaporator is clogged.

-Leaks have corroded the seals or A/C components.


You might be able to fix a blown fuse on your own, but for in-depth vehicle cooling repair, call Living the Dream.


Problem #3: You Hear a Weird Noise


Any time you hear something out of the ordinary with your car, it’s worth taking a closer look.

Often, strange noises from the A/C in your car could be from a loose or blocked fan.


But noise could also mean that your compressor is dying or that you used the wrong lubricant.  It could also be holes or corrosion in the system. Get a professional assessment of the problem.


Problem #4: There’s an Odor

The last common issue usually leaves your car smelling dirtier than a high school locker room. Under the right conditions, bacteria and fungi can make a home in your vehicle cooling system.


In this case, you’re looking at two potential issues. Either you need to replace your air cabin filter, or you’ve got mold in your evaporator case. Either one means you’re probably breathing in something that isn’t good for you, so get it checked out as soon as possible.



In the end, age and moisture are the two greatest enemies of an A/C system. Your belts, hoses, and seals will all start to break down over time, and the refrigerant could begin to escape.


It’s always a good idea to implement a regular schedule for inspecting and repairing every part of your vehicle. Don’t get stranded in a hot car. Check your car’s A/C today and stay cool all summer long!


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