3 Reasons for Uneven Tire Wear and What to Do

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Uneven tire wear can be surprising, whether self-identified or discovered by a mechanic during a routine checkup. Because your tires play such a critical role in your vehicle’s handling, it is imperative that you identify and resolve the cause of the uneven wear in short order.


Here are just a few of the primary causes of uneven tire wear, including a description of what vehicular malfunctions or misalignments can lead to such unexpected outcomes. Once you’ve determined the specific cause of uneven wear on your vehicle, be sure to talk with a certified local mechanic to plan for the necessary repairs.


Reason #1 – Misalignment Causes Inner & Outer Wear


When your vehicle’s tires demonstrate an excessive amount of wear on only their outer-most edges, this so-called “toe wear” may be evidence that your vehicle is experiencing misalignment. Such misalignment is causing an uneven amount of pressure to be applied to only the outer edge of the tire, leading to more rapid tread loss. If allowed to continue, a slope can begin to form in the tire’s structure, resulting in a so-called “camber wear.”


In order to resolve this misalignment problem, you’ll need a certified mechanic to test your vehicle’s alignment and make adjustments based on the norms for your particular make and model. With a fresh set of even tires, such adjustments should help resolve this particular type of uneven wear


Reason #2 – Improper Inflation Causes Center & Outer Edge Wear



Center and outer edge wear are also common types of uneven tire wear. These are both caused by improper tire inflation, with over-inflation and under-inflation leading to center and outer edge wear respectively. Both types of uneven wear can be chalked up to excessive pressure being applied to certain parts of the tire caused by an unusual tire shape.


To resolve this type of wear, vehicle owners should check their owner’s manual and adjust their tire pressure up or down according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Over time, this will help even out the tire’s wear and prevent weak points from forming on the inner and outer walls.


Reason #3 – Suspension Damage Causes Cupping or Patchy Wear



Finally, patchy wear and “cupping” wear can both be attributed to damage to the vehicle’s suspension, which in turn results in an erratic or scallop-like wear pattern. The appearance of either pattern is a serious cause for concern, requiring both a suspension repair and a tire replacement immediately. 


Failure to act can result in the full tire becoming compromised structurally at unexpected moments


The Bottom Line



Overall, all types of uneven tire wear are a reasonable cause to visit your mechanic for a checkup. Living the Dream Auto Care is the perfect auto repair shop to meet these needs and more, all without overcharging you. Stop in or call today to learn about what our trained auto repair team can do to resolve your uneven tire wear and get you driving safely once more!

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